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A small global team making big ideas happen

We are designers, developers, programmers, illustrators, copywriters and marketing gurus from all over the world. Each of us has years of experience in our respective fields. As a collective, we create apps, websites and campaigns for clients big and small. Because our team collaborates remotely, you get agency quality work without the pricetag. No BS - Just good work.



Web Development

Websites, web apps and intranets are some of the many things we develop here. Let's make your big idea happen. We build specialized and custom software solutions that address your specific needs. We work with you, UX designers and UI designers in agile methodology so you see every milestone.


Designing and developing a website or web app is one thing. Maintaining it is another job altogether. New trends and updates come out and standards and best practices are always changing in the digital world. We'll help you fix bugs, develop new features, freshen up your look, and basically keep your digital presence up.


A brand is so much more than a website. A strong brand can benefit your product or service, increasing awareness and building a following. Outside of digital branding we do business cards, brochures and other print collateral. We push creativity to new heights through calculative decisions based on your goals, values and audience.


Get online and start selling or increasing your sales if you already are online. We have experience with WooCommerce and Shopify. We know sometimes you need something a little more robust for your business model and needs, like if you're growing rapidly. Good thing we also build eCommerce platforms from scratch.



Arthur S udooku
Arthur S

Product Manager

Elle udooku

Lead Designer

Roger udooku

Software Engineer

Vitor udooku

QA Tester


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